PEIVDF Performs Dental Care for 4 TWS Residents

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A team of 10 dentists from The Peter Emily International Veterinary Dental Foundation performed dental work on four cats this weekend.  This is the third Mission PEIVDF has done at TWS and we couldn’t be more grateful for their help.  PEIVDF travels all around the country to sanctuaries and zoos performing dental work and it is all done from donations!  Dental health is extremely important for the overall health of animals so their work is very important.

Kita_DSC_0019The first cat to see the vets was Kita the tiger.  Kita has had several abscesses on her lower jaw ever since coming to TWS in 2010.  It seemed every time the vets came to look at her, the abscess went away.  Finally this time the abscess was still present and the dentists were able to see the problem.  Kita had her bottom left canine extracted and should clear up any infection she might have.  She is recovering well although a little drooly but that should go away within a couple of days.

Next on the docket was Mesa the serval.  Mesa had a cracked canine and needed a root canal.  Noah the cougar was up next and also had a cracked canine and both are recovering well.

Mesa_DSC_0201  Noah_DSC_0256

Ty_DSC_0050Last but not least was Ty the chausie.  Ty had four broken canines and needed the most amount of work.  All four canines needed root canals.  He was a perfect patient though and is back outside with his friends doing his best to stay away from us.

Thanks again to PEIVDF for all they do for us and for all the animals around the country.  Please visit their website and donate to a wonderful cause so they can continue their important work.

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