Plush tigers bring kids comfort while spreading the message of No More Wild Pets

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DSC_1345Some months ago, we put out the call for plush tiger donations.  How exciting it was to have our mailbox filled with tigers when you didn’t even know how they would be used.  The office has, literally, been drowning in stuffed tigers!

Our vision was for a PR event that would spread the message of No More Wild Pets.  Hundreds of stuffed tigers with No More Wild Pets messaging were to appear at a high traffic event.  The event would have been supported with billboards and a radio remote.  It was a grand idea, but came with a lot of red tape in getting a permit at the event.  But we couldn’t let hundreds of plush tigers or our message go to waste.  So we put on our thinking caps again.

Now, these plush tigers will be making such a huge difference for so many this holiday season – and beyond.

Due to the generosity of those who donated the plush tigers, hundreds of children will be learning the key message of our No More Wild Pets campaign; i.e. keep the wild in your heart, not your home.   Your donated toy tigers will be bringing smiles to so many children and provide them comfort when it’s needed most.

There are four different groups, helping children in need, who will be receiving our plush tiger gifts.  Each tiger is wearing a No More Wild Pets tag and the book entitled “Animal Helpers – Sanctuaries,”  featuring TWS tigers Lilly and Titan on the cover, will also accompany the tiger toys.  The book is a great story of how humans are positively helping others, including animals.

We know these gifts will mean so much to the children receiving them, while spreading the important message and mission of The Wildcat Sanctuary.  The following are the organizations that will be receiving these unique gift packages:

Quarry Lions of Sandstone

This organization is preparing comfort kits for the students at East Central School.  Children who have lost a family member, friend, or are grieving DSC_1348for another reason will receive a special stuffed tiger friend.  The Quarry Lions of Sandstone felt this would be perfect timing and are so happy to have these for the children they’re working with.

Pine County’s WINDOW (Women In Need Depending On Other Women)

WINDOW provides advocacy services for crime victims, striving to provide a safe community through education and working to change attitudes and values that tolerate and accept abuse. Their advocates & volunteers responded to 557 crisis calls and provided information & referrals to nearly 2,000 individuals in two Minnesota counties this year.  They deal with cases of child abuse, domestic violence, elder abuse, and sexual assault.  We know that, to a child in need, something as simple as a stuffed animal to hold onto can bring a world of comfort and we hope your donated toys provide that for them.

Essentia Health-Sandstone:

Leah Jarvis, the Quality/Risk/Medical Staff Coordinator at Essentia Health in Sandstone, is so happy to be part of our TWS stuffed tigers program.  She’s confident they’ll go a long way in comforting the children being admitted to the emergency room.  We all know what a scary time that can be for a child.  How great to give the children something else to think about and hold onto.

Oneheartland-Willow River:

Oneheartland is a fantastic organization that helps improve the lives of children, youth and families facing significant health challenges or social DSC_1346isolation.  Their vision is for a world where everyone feels appreciated, celebrated and free of stigma and discrimination.  They encourage a community where individuals have the opportunity to learn and grow in order to lead healthy and productive lives.

Camelle Parker, the program assistant, is so enthusiastic and thrilled to have the TWS tigers to give out to their children in need.

We are happy to lend comfort and an educational message to kids that may be in crisis.  Because of you, we are able to bring a smile to so many children’s faces and spread a message of animal compassion.  We thank you for your generosity, now and always.

Have a wonderful holiday!



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