Thank you for helping us with the serval building renovations!

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Online fundraising for Raise the Roof Challenge- Help us rebuild a home for rescued wild cats

lizzy_servalLizzy, the serval, and I would both like to thank you for your gift to renovate the serval building before winter.  Because of you, the future is bright for countless others – just like Lizzy – who will be able to live wild at heart here at The Wildcat Sanctuary; safe, secure, loved, and well cared for.

I wanted to provide you an update on the serval and lion projects you so graciously supported.  There is exciting news!!  The keepers are putting the finishing touches on the lion cave and the lions will be moving into their new habitat by the end of this month.  They will be moving on to everything bigger – a bigger habitat, bigger cave and even bigger indoor rooms.

But wait, there’s more good news!  We received enough funding to renovate the serval building that had been damaged by mold. Since the funding came in late in the season, we’ve made the decision to postpone the overall renovation until spring.  We are insulating and covering the walls this season, as a short-term solution, so the servals can have access back to their building before winter hits.  You never know how soon the cold weather will come in Minnesota and, just like you, we want all the cats to have toasty warm places to cuddle up and sleep.

This allows us to plan the renovation and improvements over the winter, contact the contractors and do the job right, as soon as the ground thaws.  Your gift makes this possible.

I look forward to sharing more details on this important project in the future.  I’ll continue keeping you up-to-date through letters and emails.  But, if you should ever have a question or simply need to chat, I am only a phone call away.

We know that kindness to animals makes a better world for all of us.  The world will certainly be a kinder, gentler place because of you and your support.  Thank you for helping make so much possible…for so many.

With deep gratitude,

Tammy Thies



Thank you!!  Because of your support, we reached our goal of $13,000 to renovate the Small Cat Track building.

Thank you for those who gave through Razoo, through the mail and at our Summer Safari event!  We can now complete the renovation of the building.  Check back here for progress on the project.

Lizzy_African_ServalThis spring a large amount of mold was found in the walls of the Small Cat Track building and one wall partially crumbled.  It meant Lizzy and 16 other small cats (servals, bobcats and a caracal) had to be moved off the building.

Now with summer in full swing, there are only a few months before winter arrives!  Lizzy knew how important it was to fix the building so she asked for your help!!  And you did.

With your generosity, we reached our goal for the RAISE THE ROOF CHALLENGE!

Lizzy’s first try at life didn’t go so well.  She was purchased off the internet as a tiny kitten and was kept at a local gun shop.  After her owner was arrested for selling illegal firearms, she was given away to a friend.  There, Lizzy escaped through a window of a suburban apartment building and was at large until she found shelter in a garage.  Local authorities were called and a dog catch pole was used to pull her down from the rafters.  After that harrowing experience, she spent 10 frightening days in a shelter.

Lizzy was very, very stressed and had a laceration on her front leg.   But you know what?  She pulled through just fine.  And thanks to you, she was able to live her first day and the rest of her life at our Sanctuary.

Here she lives with her own kind and has been able to grow up in a natural sanctuary setting, instead of being alone in an apartment, or worse yet, roaming the streets.

Lizzy was able to have a complete do-over of her young life.  And isn’t that what it’s all about?  Thank you for giving so many former wild cat “pets” the chance to start over again in a sanctuary setting, with the expert care they deserve.

With your help, our smaller wild ones like Lizzy have room to roam, while also providing access to a central, temperature-controlled buildings.

Your help in RAISING THE ROOF will provide a home for life to so many!  Thank you!


serval group at pool

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