Help us name the new bobcat boys!

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Double the rescue – not one, but two bobcats receive a new home at The Wildcat Sanctuary!

They came from two different worlds, but already have a lot in common, including needing names.

Submit your name suggestions HERE!

Baby bobcat scorched in barn fire!

A call came in from a out of state rehabber. She’d saved a scorched baby bobcat kitten from a barn fire when he was just four weeks old.

His eyes were just starting to open, but it was obvious his right eye was damaged. He was burned in his mouth, on his paws and belly. Now at two years old, he still has a damaged right eye that weeps and has light sensitivity. Due to the long ongoing care and living with surrogate domestic cats, he couldn’t be released back into the wild.


Yes, we agreed to provide a home for life for this special boy here at the sanctuary.



Bobcat before pick-up

Days later, we received a call from another woman all the way across the country. Authorities had brought her a wild born bobcat that had been taken in and raised by a family. Now over a year old, he’d already become imprinted on humans and had been living with domestic cats. When he bit the owner, he was turned over to the authorities to be destroyed. Thankfully, they placed him with a licensee and she contacted us. In his short life, he’s already been through so many hands. Our trained volunteers just drove over 2,000 miles in 2 days to bring him back to his forever home at the sanctuary.



Bobcat in quarantine at the sanctuary

These boys came from two different worlds, but they’re now safe to live wild at heart at The Wildcat Sanctuary. But, they need your help to provide them strong names that reinforce their wild nature.

Each will undergo an intake exam, vaccinations and neuter in the coming week. Then, they’ll be introduced through several play dates in hopes they’ll find companionship with each other.

Because of your support, we continue to help those that should be wild, but sadly can’t. We can give them the next best thing – a natural place to live wild at heart, and happy.

Now through April 30th, any gift you give will be doubled (up to $50,000 by generous supporters). Perfect timing for this match since we now have two young rescues to support for many years ahead!


Will you consider helping us name these new boys here and giving a gift to help them in their new life at the sanctuary? Submit your names HERE.

Because of you, two new lives have just begun!


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