Resident Spotlight: Jaguar Diablo Guapo


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Diablo Guapo, a black Jaguar, resided at a big cat rescue facility in CO. Unfortunately, the facility was not receiving enough funding to continue to care for the animals. The Director made the very difficult decision to start placing animals at other facilities, undoubtedly a humbling and difficult decision but the right one considering the alternative. He is a very beautiful and rare cat, breeders were offering up to $17,000 to purchase him. The sanctuary in Colorado wasn’t concerned about money, they were concerned about Diablo’s well being and placed him with us.

The translation of Diablo means devil. Not at all fitting for such an amazing creature. We changed his name to Diablo Guapo which means handsome devil.

Diablo Guapo the black jaguar hiding in tall grass

Diablo Guapo was born in 1996 and arrived at the Sanctuary in 2006.  He now lives in a 6,000 square

foot free-roaming habitat next to Shazam, a black leopard.  Guapo and Shazam made fast friends and can often be found lounging along their shared wall; they have a special bond and share an equally special kinship with one another.


Diablo Guapo is a favorite among staff, volunteers and donors.  He is probably our most recognized resident next to Titan, the bengal tiger.  His laid back attitude and goofy personality draw everyone in.   One of his favorite things to do is paint; he is quite the artist.  Using non-toxic washable paint, the keepers spread it on a canvas and watch the artist go to work.  You can help provide daily care for Diablo Guapo by sponsoring him today.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.


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