Resident Spotlight- Spring

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Spring the cougar was a former wild pet

Spring spent the first nine years of his life in a flimsy wire cage.  He was extremely bonded to his owners and did not know he was a cougar.  In fact, I still don’t think he’s sure.  When he first came to the sanctuary, everything frightened him, even his tiny bobcat neighbors.  He just wasn’t sure what to make of everything, it was all so new and he certainly had never met another wildcat before.  But as time went on Spring got used to the idea of bobcats as neighbors.  Because Spring was somebody’s pet, he likes the attention of people.  He is a very talkative boy and so everyone who meets him instantly falls in love.  He is also cross-eyed, which in my book is very endearing.

Spring the cougar playing with his ballSpring the cougar laying in the sun

He is such a funny guy, one of his favorite things is what we call mowing the grass.  He gets in one of his squirrely moods and starts biting the grass and ripping it up.  Then he takes off running and grabs his jolly ball and starts rolling around like a maniac, truly the funniest thing a cougar could do.  Why he does it, who knows for sure but it is what makes Spring, Spring.

Although Spring has gotten his courage up now, he is still very timid of the bigger cats.  We had moved him down to Cougar Cove, but found that the tigers and lions scared him.  We didn’t want Spring to be afraid anymore so we moved him back to be next to bobcats- they are more his size when it comes to courage.  He is one of the happiest cats I have ever met, and every time I see him, I am instantly in a good mood.  To sponsor Spring or other cougars like him click here. You can also check Spring out in this hilarious bloopers video.

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