Archer came to the sanctuary when he was just a year old in 2017.  We’ve seen what happened to Archer so many times before. Someone will take in a wild-born baby in the woods, thinking they’re doing the right thing. Most of the time, the mother is just away hunting to provide for her baby.

Apparently, this is what happened with bobcat Archer.  A family had taken him in when they found him as a baby. Now over a year old, he’d already become imprinted on humans. And, as wild cats mature, their wild behavior becomes more and more pronounced.

When Archer bit this owner, the family turned him over to authorities to be destroyed. Luckily, authorities instead took him to a licensed rehabber. She knew that he had little chance of survival in the wild, as he’d always see humans as a source for food. She began searching for an alternative for him.

When she called to see if we could possibly make room for him at the sanctuary, we did what we know you’d want us to do. We said “yes!”  Our trained transportation volunteers dropped everything to drive over 2,000 miles in two days to bring him back to his forever home here at the sanctuary.

Life at the Sanctuary

Our first choice would have been for this innocent baby bobcat to live wild and free. But, due to the actions of humans who intervened, that wasn’t an option for him. He wasn’t left with his mother in the wild to teach him the survival skills he’d need. He’d been robbed of that.

Another orphaned bobcat named Copper arrived here about the same time. We spent many weeks letting them have supervised playdates. Then, they were allowed an overnight together.

Since all went well, they were permanently merged and today, they’re inseparable! We’re so happy they’ve found this special bond with each other.

We customized a special habitat for them that they love. It has high skywalks in tall pine trees and that’s where you’ll find the two of them together most of the time.  They also love the platforms, hammocks and caves there.

Archer is a very smart bobcat. He doesn’t like having to shift for feeding time, so he acts much differently when caretakers are around vs. other staff members.

With our photographer, for instance, Archer will prance around and let his hair down, so to speak. But with caretakers, he’s much more wary of what they might be wanting him to do when they approach.

Archer has a blast with any kind of scented enrichment, especially a roll of crepe paper he can toss around his habitat. It’s so much fun seeing Archer live out his days so happily with companionship and the opportunity to stretch his wild side.

How You Can Help

Our sponsorship program is what makes a life like this possible for Archer. Would you consider being his sponsor parent?  Or even a one time donation towards his care would be so helpful.

It’s easy to do using the buttons you’ll find at the top of this page.  Thank you!