Aria is a female Eurasian Lynx who arrived at the sanctuary in 2018.  She was just two years old at the time but her story is one we hear constantly.

An out-of-state owner called to say her lynx was doing what most do – becoming quite aggressive as she hit maturity. They’d declawed her hoping that would make her “safer”…. but it didn’t. 

Her owners loved her dearly. They had no idea this would happen. They believed what the seller told them, that she could be a pet.

Now, what could they do? As her owner shared with me, “She was never meant to be a pet and it breaks my heart that it’s come to this. But I just know that having her at The Wildcat Sanctuary is her best chance for a happy life!”

Life at the Sanctuary

We’re thankful her owner decided to place Aria with us. Our trained rescue volunteers drove 32 hours to pick her up. She was a very calm traveler and was being curious and calm with our staff.  

 We’re thankful her owner decided to place Aria with us. Our trained rescue volunteers made the 32 hours drive out-ot-state to pick her up. Aria was a very good traveler, being curious and calm with our staff during her journey.

She was such a tiny girl for a two-year-old lynx. And she was very shy her first months here. This new, strange place was hard for her to get accustomed to. But what a difference now!

Around the time Aria arrived, we’d also taken in another failed “pet” bobcat named Mondovi. He was also very young.

Mondovi had a lot of energy and was very playful. We hoped he and Aria might get along and maybe, just maybe, he could help bring out another side of her.

They had many playdates. At first, Aria didn’t know what to make of this feisty boy. But, over time, she began liking him and they were soon successfully merged.

When they moved to the new habitat we built for them in Wildcat Pines, we hardly recognized Aria anymore!

She filled out, looking like a very healthy lynx. And Mondovi was certainly able to bring out her “wild” side. Our plan worked. You could tell by her demeanor just how happy and playful she’d become.

Mondovi and Aria are almost always together. But, since they’ve both matured as they’ve gotten older, we do see Aria relishing some “me” time high up in the trees by herself.

She loves being in a habitat that’s right up front so she can watch the comings and goings at the sanctuary.

And one of her favorite things to enjoy is scent enrichment. She’ll investigate that the minute it’s put in her habitat.

We love seeing this girl transform into such a beautiful and fulfilled lynx!

How You Can Help

Our sponsorship program helps cats like Aria live wild at heart. Would you consider becoming her sponsor parent? It’s such a great way to make a difference.

Or even a one time donation towards her care helps. It’s easy to do using the buttons you see at the top of this page. Thank you!