Athena is a female bobcat who came to the sanctuary in 2007. She was only a year old at the time.

Another sanctuary had been contacted by Athena’s owner. He said he could no longer handle her, and yet she was only a year old! Sadly, we hear this far too often from those who purchase wild animals to be “pets.” Then, they quickly change their minds when it doesn’t work out the way they thought it would. Wild is wild!

Since the sanctuary he contacted was at full capacity, they reached out to us to see if we could take her in. Her owner knew he had her illegally, so he’d only provide a limited amount of information about her. He wouldn’t pay transport costs for her either. How sad for Athena that she was basically being gotten rid of and her owner seemed to care less.

The other sanctuary took her in to provide initial vet care for Athena and transported her to The Wildcat Sanctuary.

Life at the Sanctuary

For being such a small girl, Athena’s personality is huge. She’s grown into a very confident bobcat. Over the years, she’s lived happily with other bobcats like Tractor, Libby and Enzo.

She’s curious and very intelligent, as well as gorgeous. She loves just about any enrichment items her caretakers give her, especially anything she can claw and paw at!

We’re so happy Athena’s been given this opportunity to grow up wild at heart, despite her sad start in life. She never deserved to be someone’s “pet” after all.

How You Can Help

Taking in a one-year-old bobcat means a long lifetime of care expenses. That’s why we started our sponsorship program. Having you as Athena’s sponsor parent helps us provide top notch care for her. Would you consider helping this way?

Or even a one time donation toward her care would make such a difference. You can do that easily using the buttons at the top of this page. Thank you!