Bette – In Memory


Bette came to TWS from a Bengal rescue group in Colorado. A larger breeder was closing down and they needed to place cats that were not adoptable.  They had several hybrid F3 Bengals that were unable to be socialized for adoption and beautiful Bette was one of the cats.  She was born in 2002 and came to the sanctuary in 2006.

Bette is very interested in her caretakers, but would rather watch than be held.  She’s slowly becoming more socialized and loves being around the other Bengals.  She has very unique almond-shaped, light green eyes that are captivating to look into.  Bette lives in a bungalow with an indoor and outdoor enclosure area complete with perches, hammocks, logs, boulders, and an in-ground pool, not to mention several other Bengals who keep her company.

She has a small genetic deformity that has given her a smaller nose and nasal passage.


In Memory ~ November 2011

We have some sad news for everyone.  Our sweet little Bengal cat Bette, has passed.  She was such a strong girl, right up until the end. She never let on that she was sick.

We took her to the veterinarian’s office last week since she was dehydrated and looked like she’d lost some weight.  An x-ray showed a very large mass in her abdomen, it was cancer.  It was such a shock because she was just at the vet not that long ago and everything looked good then.  We decided to help her pass and we’re glad we caught it early enough that she wasn’t in any pain.

Bette was a very curious girl, always interested in what her caretakers were doing or what fun things they brought with them.  She was caught between wanting to play and wanting to hide, never sure which she wanted to do.

The one thing she was sure about though was mice.  For such a little girl, it was always funny when she would grumble at the others if they thought to even get near her mouse.  We are so glad we got know Bette and she will be greatly missed by us and her friends out in her bungalow.