Noah is a male tiger who was initially part of our Witness Protection program. He and another tiger named Elizabeth arrived at the sanctuary early in 2023.

Though we don’t know exactly the date he was born, we know he’s at least 10+ years old, based on an old news story we found. But, considering the level of his arthritis, we assume he’s actually older than that.

He and Elizabeth were released by the Department of Agriculture and their former owner to live permanently at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

Our team drove to pick them up for their journey back to our sanctuary.  Noah and Elizabeth were social, but understandably a little nervous of the transport crates. With a little patience, both walked into the crates themselves and needed no sedation.

As soon as they were in the transport trailer, both were relaxed and took long naps on their way home to the sanctuary.

Life at the Sanctuary

Noah is a gentle giant. He’s a sweet playful soul with a soft chuff.

Noah’s recognizable by his wide head and forearms. He’s also on the hefty side, weighing approximately 420 lbs.

And his paws are enormous!

The owner shared with us that Noah needed medication for his arthritis. We started Noah on a pain management plan as well as a new diet plan that will also help him lose some of his excess weight. We’re hopeful that will ease the pain in his joints, too.

Noah likes to take a walk along the fence with his caretakers and enjoys laying in the sun and using his platform steps to get to the highest point.

He hasn’t met a toy he doesn’t like, and he has a ball rolling around in the snow making snow angels.

We know Noah will love pool season since he’s always cooling off in the puddles left from the melting snow. He’s got the sweetest disposition.

Elizabeth and Noah are both adjusting well to their large outdoor habitats and heated indoor bedrooms here. We’re so happy they’ve joined our family here at the sanctuary!

How You Can Help

Our sponsorship program is what makes top notch care possible for our residents, like Noah. He’d love to have you as his sponsor parent!  Or even a one-time donation toward his care would help so much, too.

You’ll find buttons at the top of this page if you’d like to help Noah in a very special way and be a part of his life.  Thank you!