Griffen is a male Bengal tiger who arrived at The Wildcat Sanctuary in 2016. He was 6 years old at the time.

He and his two brothers, Zeke and Dimitri, along with their aunt Pandora, were part of what was called “the largest rescue of big cats in U.S. history.” They came from a notorious speed breeding, pay-to-play facility in Colorado that had been shut down.

With over 110 big cats there in need of placement, it took the coordination of organizations throughout the country to give them all a forever home. Without the help of the entire sanctuary community, this undertaking wouldn’t have been possible.

When we arrived to pick the four tigers up, we were shocked at the living conditions there. We found rows and rows of barren cages housing tiger groups that weren’t spayed or neutered. If only those who paid for the thrill of petting a baby tiger cub saw the life those cubs would live as they grew too big to pet.

Life at The Wildcat Sanctuary

What an amazing difference for the ‘Tiger Trio’ (as they were soon nicknamed) when they stepped out of their transport trailer into a huge, free-roaming habitat with so much to enjoy here at the sanctuary!

The brothers are easy going, social and very playful with each other. They’re constantly checking out what’s going on and what’s new at the sanctuary. Nothing gets past them, they’re such busy-bodies!


Griffen enjoys his splashing pool so much that you’ll find him on the low platform lounging next to the pool quite often, too!

Griffen’s definitely the most laid back of the three. While brothers Dimitri and Zeke are playing, Griffen tends to regally watch from a high perch, as if he’s far too superior for that.  But he’s a character, too!

We’re thrilled they’ll be able to live out their days with companionship, love, and something to look forward to each day – together.

How You Can Help

Our sponsor program is what makes top notch care possible for our residents. And Griffen would love to have you as a sponsor parent!  Or even a one-time donation toward his care would help so much, too.  Please click the buttons above if you’d like to help.




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