Bonzai arrived at the sanctuary in 2019 at 5-years old.

While helping our newest rescues Felix and Little Diva settle in, we got yet another call from an owner wanting to surrender their F1 Bengal cat. They lived out-of-state and their life circumstances were changing.

They’d bought Bonzai  from an out-of-state breeder. With two children already in the house, a dog, and a baby on the way, Bonzai was becoming louder and louder and marking the house at night.

Yes, they probably could’ve sold him to someone wanting an exotic cat. But, instead they wanted the best for Bonzai. We agreed to take him in to live in the Hybrid Haven section of our sanctuary.

Our caretakers drove 1000 miles round-trip to pick Bonzai up. His owner drove halfway to meet them.

Bonzai’s getting used to all the changes he’s just been through. We know he’ll come to love life here when he meets some new friends.

This is what his owner shared with us:

“This is extremely difficult to process. He is so loved and we are completely heartbroken. We have taken very good care of Bonzai, but know this is the best life for him.

Thank you so much for providing what he needs. We are forever grateful to you and your volunteers who help make it happen.”

Life at the Sanctuary

Though we don’t have photos of them together, we witnessed a very special moment recently. We’d recently rescued a Bengal cat named Felix not too long ago. He was scheduled for euthanasia at a shelter.

This poor boy is still so terrified of humans. But, we’re ecstatic to see he’s found a friend in Bonzai! 

One of our caretakers briefly caught a glimpse of them curled up together, before Felix noticed the caretaker and went to hide. Seeing Bonzai accept Felix and comfort him is just the best feeling ever!

How You Can Help Bonzai

It would be so wonderful for Bonzai to have a sponsor parent. What a special way to welcome him to his forever home.

If you’d like to be his sponsor parent for $150 annually, it’s easy to do using the buttons at the top of this page. Or, a one time donation toward his care would also be very helpful.

Thank you for caring about Bonzai’s future, too.