Caesar’s a male Bengal tiger who arrived at the sanctuary in 2015. At 8 years old, he’d spent the majority of his life in a private owner’s backyard cage.

Caesar’s owner had waged a long, legal battle to keep his four big cats. It had been a high-profile case for years. Local zoning laws changed, and his cats hadn’t been ‘grandfathered’ in. So, he was ordered to find them another home or face jail time. With an ill wife and disabled son, he accepted a plea bargain and agreed to place them elsewhere within a year.

He truly loved his cats. We set aside our opinions about private ownership and worked with him for almost a year to safeguard these cats’ future. Caesar had originally been bred and used as a pay-to-play cub by an exhibitor. As with so many of these cubs, when they’re no longer of use, they’re gotten rid of. That’s when Caesar ended up with this private owner, who was surrendering him now to The Wildcat Sanctuary.

Life at the Sanctuary

This would be Caesar’s third and final forever home. Once here, Caesar was neutered and successfully merged with Logan, another male tiger who came to the sanctuary from this owner, too.

They are the biggest tigers living here, in terms of height. They stand very tall and are powerful tigers! Caesar and Logan enjoy the huge, free-roaming habitat we built for them, as well as perches, toys, trees, and their favorite – an in-ground pool they splash in all summer long.

How You Can Help

Our sponsor program is what makes top notch care possible for new residents like Caesar and Logan. Would you like to become Caesar’s sponsor parent, helping assure he can live wild at heart the rest of his days?

You’ll find buttons at the top of this page that make it really easy to do. And, it’ll make such a difference for Caesar – thank you!