Claud is a male bobcat who came to the sanctuary in 2006. He was less than a year old at the time.

Claud is a wild-born bobcat. When he was just a kitten, he was found caught and impaled on a fence in California. Wildlife rehabilitators were unable to save his right rear leg. Sadly, it had to be amputated.

This injury meant Claud could no longer be released back into the wild. That’s when we were contacted and asked to take him in.  We were happy to make room for Claud.

Life at the Sanctuary

Now living with another bobcat named Benson, Claud is doing wonderfully and sleeps cuddled up next to Benson. Being wild born, he was still timid around humans and hid while his habitat was being cleaned.

He’s a small bobcat, but the fact that he has only three legs doesn’t slow him down one bit!  Most of the time, you forget that he isn’t a four-legged bobcat since he’s so athletic in deep snow or tall grass.

Even though he’s still very shy around humans, he’s more than willing to come out when it’s feeding time.

We’re so happy Claud was given the chance to live here with us at the sanctuary so he can enjoy the companionship of  many other bobcats.

How You Can Help

Rescuing bobcats as injured kittens means we make a lifelong commitment to them. Care for 20+ years can be very expensive. That’s why we developed our sponsorship program to help with these costs. Would you consider becoming Claud’s sponsor parent?

Or even a one time donation toward his care would be very helpful. It’s easy using the buttons at the top of this page. Thank you for your compassionate support!