Cooter – In Memory


Cooter, a bobcat, arrived at TWS in 2006 with four other cats from a facility in Colorado. At that time, Cooter was an elderly bobcat and we were blessed to have two additional years with him.

His eye sight and hearing had mostly gone. But he was still one of the happiest bobcats I had ever met. He would spend an entire day batting at his water bottle mobile that hung from his enclosure ceiling.

In the last month, it became more difficult for him to eat. So we decided to schedule an exam and assumed he had a bad tooth. Instead, we found a large malignant tumor in the back of his mouth that had spread to the jaw bone. We were able to help him pass over the rainbow bridge.

Even with tears and sadness, I’m so happy to have met this boy who enjoyed every moment of his elder years. He taught me that life is fun and grand no matter what your age. I will miss his vocal greeting and his hours of batting the mobile. But now he is free and I am happy for that.