Nacho – In Memory


In a time when nothing is business as usual, our daily work at the sanctuary hasn’t changed.  Our staff is still onsite ensuring the cats are fed, receive medical care and have days filled with enrichment and fulfillment.

And with our uncertainness of the outside world, we also have to deal with the sadness of losing one of our own cats.

Not only is it hard to say good-bye to a cat we love, but it also makes it more difficult because it was a cat we could never share with you.  He was in our witness protection program and therefore a confidential case.

He came to us older. We knew his time was limited. But it was our goal to make him feel loved and as comfortable as possible.  We wish you could’ve gotten to know him as well.  You would’ve loved his old crotchety personality. He moved slowly, but with a very strong demeanor.

He loved his straw beds the staff gave him and listening to the TV. You were so sweet and purchased orthopedic dog beds off of our wish list for a cat you’d never get to see or know.

When we couldn’t keep him comfortable due to his severe arthritis and other geriatric issues, we knew we had to help him move to our pride on the other side.  As we had to say good-bye, we still can’t share much. But know your ongoing support allowed him to live just like the other amazing rescues you’ve provided for.  He was not faceless or nameless to us.  He was family.

He is a wonderful reminder that no one is nameless or faceless.  Everyone matters.  And even the smallest acts of kindness can make someone feel loved.

In his honor, please implement one act of kindness today.  A small donation, a handwritten note or even a phone call to a friend make a huge impact right now.