Issy – In Memory


Issy and Max, a pair of Bengal cat siblings born in 2002, were surrendered to a rescue group in Illinois. Though they were very outgoing with terrific personalities, they were inconsistent in using the litter box. So, they’d been surrendered to the rescue group.

Like so many Bengals, they were deemed unsuitable for adoption. With few sanctuaries in the country taking these hybrid cats in, we were contacted to see if we could.  We welcomed them to our Sanctuary in 2008.

Issy lives in a bungalow with her brother Max, and several other Bengals. They have full access to an indoor and outdoor area complete with perches, hammocks, an in-ground pool, and rocks to sun on.

Issy is a very talkative girl and loves to follow around the caretakers and loves getting her favorite food:  tuna.



In Memory 2012

It’s so sad to share the news that our beautiful Bengal cat Issy has passed from soft tissue cancer.

This has been a very emotional month for all the staff and volunteers here.  Issy’s passing came so suddenly and is still a shock to us all.

She gave only very small clues to her declining health and was still her spunky self right up until the end.

As you probably know, Issy and her brother Max came to TWS from a shelter in Illinois.  Like many Bengal cats, Issy and Max were deemed unsuitable for adoption due to litter box issues.  Luckily for them, we don’t care one bit if they can use a litter box.  They found their forever home with us.

Issy was such a sweet girl, always following her caretakers around, wondering if theIssy_LRy had her favorite snack; tuna, of course.  She loved to take long cat naps in the sun with her brother and their friend Mark, an F1 Bengal.

She was very curious, always coming to inspect any new enrichment and very much liked to tell the keepers her opinion.

We feel for Max having lost his sister and their other friend Jade not too long ago.  Please send Max your thoughts and love so he can get through this tough time.

It heartens us to know Jade was there to meet Issy when she passed and they can be together in their new life, free to be wild forever.