Kyra – In Memory


Kyra, a female African serval, and two other servals, were seized by the US Fish and Game Department in Arizona. An unlicensed person had several exotic cats confined to crates and was breeding them illegally.

We don’t know Kyra’s age, but she seems to be the motherly one of the group. She’s quite calm and doesn’t seem to understand all the fuss the younger servals make over food and toys.

She shares her habitat with three servals, Rio, Mesa and Princess Savannah and one bobcat, Nikko. They all live in a large outdoor habitat with access to a heated, indoor building.


In Memory ~ May 2008

Our serval Kyra passed away last week. It was a very sad and devastating night and Tammy was with her when she took her last breath.

Rio, a smaller serval, had attacked Kyra. We brought her into the hospital for observation. We sedated her and shaved and cleaned her wounds and gave her antibiotic and pain meds. She had several smaller punctures on her body, but nothing that looked life threatening. She was the perfect patient and purred.

As the evening progressed, her breathing became abnormal and her eyes glossed over. There was nothing we could do for her. We knew she wouldn’t make it to the vet. Kyra passed within several minutes. Her body did not respond to the antibiotics.

For those that didn’t know Kyra, she was a calming presence amongst the chaos of servals. She was the motherly figure and very patient. It saddens us why Rio attacked her, but we know they are wild and cannot blame Rio for that.

This is such an unexpected passing and one we will second guess, thinking we may have been able to do more. But that won’t shadow our memory of her wonderful spirit, chubby tummy and beautiful expressions. Kyra will be deeply missed.