Lakota – In Memory


Lakota is a 15-year-old bobcat who came with Harley and Salem, two other bobcats. We received a call that Wild Animal Orphanage (WAO) in Texas was closing down. With over 400 animals to place, we knew we had to help. These three bobcats, along with five tigers and a lion, now have a forever home at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

Unfortunately, Lakota is deaf and blind and has hematomas in both ears. He was also poorly declawed and it shows in his feet and legs.

He needs a little help to find his food, but he’s still capable of jumping up onto a fire-hose hammock so he can take his long naps.

When they first arrived they needed immediate vet care for a flea infestation and multiple types of parasites. But as soon as their treatments are complete, they will be living next to Sebastian the serval. Given they are from Texas and the shock of our Minnesota winters would be too much, they will have access to a heated building all winter.


In Memory ~ October 2010

Lakota recently arrived from a Texas facility that was closing down. He was a very calm cat in a body that had many problems.

Lakota was blind and deaf, but still was a happy cat who loved his habitat mate Salem. When he arrived, he would circle on occasion – a sign of a neurological issue, but still enjoyed naps with Salem, the outdoors and his fire hose hammock.

Recently, he began to circle more frequently and became very disoriented. We tried a few treatments and supplements, but nothing helped. It wasn’t fair for Lakota to live in a body with a brain that no longer worked the way it should.

He was with us such a short time and was already loved by so many, including Salem. We are sad his stay with us was so short, but so happy we were able to give him the gift of a free spirit when it was needed.

Whenever a new cat arrives at the Sanctuary, it feels they have been part of our family forever, no matter if they have been with us only a few months. Their passing is just as difficult.

Lakota, you were loved by so many and you will never be forgotten.