Little Diva


Little Diva is a female African serval who came to live at The Wildcat Sanctuary in 2019. She was already two years old, but looked so much younger because of her small size.

Her story, like countless others, was all too familiar. She was purchased from a well-known, out-of-state breeder who sells serval kittens for thousands of dollars.

Who can resist these adorable kittens? So many can’t. And, so often, these cats need to be re-homed.

We’re so thankful her owner reached out and chose our sanctuary for this serval. As Diva had matured, with small children in the house, the owner felt they needed to surrender her.

Life at the Sanctuary

We decided to call her Little Diva since there’s already one very special “diva” living here – our queen lioness Shanti Deva.

Thankfully, Little Diva hadn’t been declawed.  She was spayed and then merged with our more recent serval rescues, Scarlet and Zambuca, once she was out of quarantine. Their story is so much like Little Diva’s.

For being the littlest one, Little Diva is already the dominant girl of this trio.  Scarlet doesn’t know what to think and Zambuca just gives her the space she wants.  She also thought she could take on lynx Shalico, who lives next door, and spent a lot of time chasing him from across their shared hallway.

It’s wonderful seeing her so spunky!

How You Can Help

Rescuing a young serval means 20+ years of care costs. As a non-profit, that’s why we started our sponsorship program. Little Diva’s sponsor parent will be a very important part of her life. Will you consider doing that for her?

Or even a one-time donation toward her care helps. It’s easy to do using the buttons you see at the top of this page.

Thank you for welcoming her home!