Maui is a male, domestic Snow Bengal cat who came to live at The Wildcat Sanctuary in 2006.  He was three years old at the time.

We’d received a call from the Agricultural Department in Honolulu, Hawaii. They’d seized a cat at the airport because the owner did not have proper paperwork. After 50 days in a kennel, the owner authorized the authorities to euthanize Maui. Can you imagine?

Luckily, the agents had grown attached to Maui and took the time to find our sanctuary and ask if we could take him in. Of course, we said yes.

Learn more about why we do NOT support the breeding of hybrid cats.

Life at the Sanctuary

Maui is the loudest Bengal at the sanctuary and can be heard yowling for attention in the mornings.  He has bright blue eyes and a curious personality.  Maui lives in a bungalow with an indoor and outdoor area complete with perches, hammocks, walkways, trees, and fellow Bengals to keep him company.

He makes sure all the caretakers know that he gets extra special pets and hugs. No one can turn this beautiful boy down when he is so affectionate.

How You Can Help

Caring for a wild cat for life – even a small hybrid like Maui – can be quite expensive. Hybrids usually come to us with special needs, genetic and/or medical issues due to their breeding.

Our sponsorship program helps support the cats’ care costs and allows you to form a special bond with them. Would you consider becoming Maui’s sponsor parent?

Or even a one time donation toward his care would be so appreciated. It’s easy to do using the buttons at the top of this page.

Thank you for caring about the little wild ones, too!


Over the years Maui has been treated for inflammatory bowel disease. It takes a special diet, supplements and a lot of close attention to keep him on track. We don’t mind it at all. He thanks us with his purrs and special hugs.