Maximillion is a male, F1 Savannah cat (a cross between an African serval and a domestic cat). He came to The Wildcat Sanctuary in 2017 when he was four years old.

We’d received an email from a woman who just took in this F1 Savannah cat as a foster.  She quickly began researching the breed and our work and contacted us within 24 hours. She hoped we could be a forever home to Maximillion.

He’d originally been purchased from a breeder and was living in a home in New Orleans with three other hybrid cats. When Maximillion began chewing on blinds and soiling outside the litter box, his owner decided to surrender him to a local rescue.

This is a story we’ve heard over and over again.

You can imagine, the foster fell in love with Maximillion right away. He was known to be social, but since his world had been turned upside down, he was now frightened and unsure. The foster communicated with us frequently about diet and essential oils to decrease his stress. She even donated her time to drive him 1200 miles to meet our volunteer team half way from Louisiana!

It takes a village of good and caring people to help cats like Maximillion. Who drives over 1200 miles to make sure a recently surrendered Savannah cat has a forever home?  We do of course! 

Learn more about hybrids and why we do NOT support breeding them.

Life at the Sanctuary

Maximillion made it clear he really preferred to have his own “private suite” rather than sharing space with another hybrid cat. We always do whatever makes the cats happiest here. Sometimes, that comes at even greater cost.

We designed and built a new bungalow that had three separated inside areas for Maximillion and two of our other hybrids who wanted their own space.

With this design, they could each have their own separate outside habitats, but shared walls inside their attached bungalow. It’s the best of both worlds. They each get to live on their own terms yet still have companionship of their own kind.

But then, when we rescued another Savannah cat named Thor, we saw he and Maximillion really getting along quite well through their shared wall. So, we tried some playdates for the two of them and it went really well!

These two have been living together now for years. While Thor is much more of a go getter, Maximillion is shyer and quieter. It’s funny that, even though Maximillion’s a big F1 Savannah, he has the sweetest meow. It doesn’t quite match.

Maximillion’s favorite place to hang out is in the beautiful willow tree in his habitat. It’s wonderful seeing how his life has changed so much for the better from where it began to what it is today.

How You Can Help

Caring for a wild cat for life – even a small hybrid like Maximillion – can be quite expensive. Hybrids usually come to us with special needs, genetic and/or medical issues due to their breeding.

Our sponsorship program helps support the cats’ care costs and allows you to form a special bond with them. Would you consider becoming Maximillion’s sponsor parent?

Or even a one time donation toward his care would be so appreciated. It’s easy to do using the buttons at the top of this page.

Thank you for caring about the little wild ones, too!