Beauty arrived as an 11-month-old Eurasian Lynx in 2020. Her owners purchased her from a breeder in Florida to have as a household pet. Then they brought Beauty to their home out-of-state.

At first, things went okay. But the owner said that as she grew, she started treating the small children in the house as prey – stalking and even grabbing them.

She didn’t blame Beauty, she knew she was only doing what came naturally. But with another baby on the way, she reached out to reputable sanctuaries to re-home their lynx.

She knew this would be the best option for her family, and for Beauty.

She was open and shared the details about purchasing her, along with photos, and let me know she had concerns that she might have ringworm.

She couldn’t find a vet to care for Beauty, so was happy to hear she’d receive an intake exam and medical care here at the sanctuary.

Life at the Sanctuary

Once Beauty arrived, and even after such a long journey, our caretakers found her to be “unbelievably adorable and certainly curious of her new surroundings.”

Her intake exam confirmed she did indeed have ringworm. She was treated and quarantined for two weeks to assure no spread of the disease and spayed at the same time. She recuperated very well and has settled so well into her new life at the sanctuary, living wild at heart.

How You Can Help Beauty

Our sponsorship program helps cats like Beauty live wild at heart. Would you consider becoming her sponsor parent? It’s such a great way to make a difference.

Or even a one time donation towards her care helps. It’s easy to do using the buttons you see at the top of this page. Thank you!