Bogart, a male bobcat confiscated out of state, arrived at the sanctuary in July of 2021. We’re not certain of his age, but we know he’s a young energetic bobcat!

Police in Missouri had been called to a home regarding a shooting. While they were there, they found Bogart who’d been kept illegally as a “pet.”

The Missouri Department of Conservation seized Bogart since the individuals involved didn’t have permits to possess him.

Bogart was then placed temporarily at Lakeside Nature Center. We were contacted to see if we might be able to provide Bogart with a lifelong home. We were happy to say “yes” and now, he’s finally here at his forever home – The Wildcat Sanctuary!

Life at the Sanctuary

When Bogart first arrived, he had to be formally quarantined due to a possible parvo exposure. Thankfully, he didn’t show any signs of it. During his intake exam, he was then neutered and microchipped.

He loves living in a habitat at the main crossroads of the sanctuary since he enjoys watching all the comings and goings of the caretakers there.

Bogart’s been a very curious cat. Of course, like most cats, he likes playing with boxes and scented enrichment. So, caretakers regularly give him those for entertainment.

It was obvious Bogart had been very socialized to humans. He has a very calm and sweet disposition and has become very playful.

Bogart lives surrounded by a leopard and tigers. But though his habitat is right next to that of another bobcat named Tao, he’s really had little interaction with him.

Whether or not Bogart wants to merge with other cats in the future is totally up to him. All that really matters is he’s gone from being a seized bobcat to a very happy one here at the sanctuary!

How You Can Help

Rescuing young wild cats is such an expensive commitment since it can sometimes mean 20+ years of care. That’s why our sponsorship program is so important. It helps provide the best life possible for those we’re able to rescue.

Thank you for considering becoming Bogart’s sponsor parent or even giving a one time donation toward his care.  It makes such a difference for him!