Enzo is an adolescent bobcat who thinks everything’s a fun game. He burrowed his face right into snow piles with no hesitation at all.

He’s just thrilled with his new home here at the sanctuary, that’s pretty obvious to see!

Enzo needs to fill out a bit since he’s a lanky boy. He’d also been declawed and we’re treating him for an intestinal parasite.

After he’s passed his quarantine period, we’re hoping he’ll find kinship with bobcat Morgan. Fingers crossed for that possible merger!

Unfortunately, bobcats are one of the most common, privately-owned wild cats we receive calls about.

Many people have them in their house for the first year or so, until they reach adolescence and start demonstrating their wild, temperamental side.

Bobcats are known for purring one minute and being very aggressive the next. They can also have a very possessive nature and don’t like to ‘let go’ of anything in their clutches.

But here at the sanctuary, Enzo is starting a new life. A life where he’ll be allowed to live as wild at heart as he’d like, being the bobcats they were meant to be.