I got a call this week about a bobcat in need of placement. Thankfully, we were able to act right away.

Essey was living in a cage in the room of a nice house. Though she also had an outdoor area, it was on concrete. This little girl had never felt grass under her paws.

How her life’s about to change – thanks to your support!

When you help keep our rescue fund full, I can say “yes” and get on the road immediately.

With a little coaxing and a hunk of cheese, Essey loaded into the crate easily for our journey back to the sanctuary.

I was told she’s approximately 2 years old, but has never seen a veterinarian before. She hasn’t been spayed, she hasn’t had vaccines, but the good thing is, she hadn’t been declawed either.

She’s a tiny girl, only about 10-12 lbs. I was told she’d always been fed cat kibble. So we’ll transition her to the raw diet a bobcat needs.

She’s settling in the Quarantine section of the sanctuary right now, until we can do her intake exam. And she’s already busy, exploring all the scents and sounds there.

Who knows, maybe we can form a TRIPLE MATCH between Essey and bobcats Enzo (who’s about her age) and Morgan?

We think she’ll enjoy the company of others, so stay tuned!

If you’d like to become Essey’s sponsor parent, that would be incredible for her!