Fiona is a two-year-old female serval who arrived at the sanctuary in February of 2022. And what a heartbreaking story hers was.

Another young serval had been found on the loose, this time in Arizona. And she was in horrible shape, near death. Alone, emaciated, dehydrated, with multiple cactus spines embedded in her. This was Fiona’s story.

She was less than 18 pounds and described as stressed, fractious, and aggressive. We wanted to get her safely home as quickly as possible, so we sent a team of staff members to drive her home.

Since Bobcat Shrek was being rescued at the same time by another one of our teams, we decided the perfect name for her would be Fiona.

I hope you’ll use Fiona’s story, just as you have Bruno’s and so many others, as a way to help us educate that wild animals are not meant to be “pets.”

Sadly, it’s the animals who always pay the ultimate price. Let’s put an end to private ownership of dangerous exotics.

Life at the Sanctuary

Understandably, Fiona is very shy and reclusive when humans are around. But, when we set up a camera to watch over her when we’re not around, we actually saw how playful she can be. She was tossing a ball all over her indoor bedroom, a wonderful sight to see!

As with so many others, we know she’ll come out of her shell. She’s had a really rough start in life, so it just takes time.

She had her intake exam and was spayed. We were happy to see that she does not have signs of metabolic bone disease, something very common in servals bred in captivity. She recovered very well.

Caretakers know Fiona really likes to hide out on a tall perch that looks out her window. And she loves her dogloo.

So, in order to prevent her from accidentally opening her incision jumping too high, caretakers built an elaborate platform system for her 2 week recovery period so she could get to that area.

We’ll go to any lengths to ensure our cats are happy and healthy!

How You Can Help

Rescuing a young serval is an expensive commitment since it means 20+ years of care. That’s why our sponsorship program is so important. It helps provide the best life possible for those we’re able to rescue.

Sponsoring Fiona costs $300 annually or $25 monthly.

Thank you for considering becoming Fiona’s sponsor parent or even giving a one time donation toward her care.  It makes such a difference for her!