Mesa and two other African servals came to The Wildcat Sanctuary in 2005.  She was just a year old at the time.

She and the others hda been seized by the US Fish and Game Department in Arizona. An unlicensed person had several exotic cats confined to crates and was breeding them illegally.

Life at the Sanctuary

Mesa lives with other servals in a large, natural outdoor habitat with access to a climate-controlled indoor building, too.  She and her buddies enjoy perches, logs to scratch and climb, pools to splash and play in, hammocks to soak up the sun on, and trees that shade their favorite cat nap spots.

It’s wonderful to be able to provide them the simplest comforts so they can live wild at heart, as they deserve.

How You Can Help

Rescuing young wild cats is so expensive since it means a lifetime of care costs. That’s why our sponsorship program is such a huge help! Would you consider being Mesa’s sponsor parent?

Or even a one time donation towards her care would help so much. It’s easy to do using the buttons you see at the top of this page.

Thank you for your compassionate support!