Mohan – In Memory


Mohan’s a male Bengal tiger who came to The Wildcat Sanctuary in 2017. He was 15 years old at the time and had many physical issues he’d been dealing with.

When authorities contacted us about helping two tigers at an out-of-state facility, they told us we’d probably have to euthanize one and the other was also in very bad shape. Thankfully, we were able to give them both a good life after intervening with the veterinary care they so desperately needed.

At the time, Mohan could barely put weight on his front paws. His claws were overgrown and embedded into his soft paw pads.

Plus, he suffered from degenerative joint disease of the knees, due to untreated cruciate ligament injuries. His rear legs were permanently bowed and he had rear muscle atrophy.

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Surgery wouldn’t be an option, but we could make him comfortable and more mobile with joint support and pain management.

Life at the Sanctuary

Today, Mohan is one the sweetest tigers and beloved by everyone. He’s definitely a gentle giant. He loves soaking up the sunshine and can even get up on a low platform built especially for him. His favorite thing to do is lounge in the shade, just enjoying the summer breezes.

Mohan has such a positive attitude and never gives up. There’s never a day he doesn’t look forward to!  He’s an inspiration to us all.We’re so thankful we were able to intervene to help him live out his days in comfort.

How You Can Help

Our sponsor program is what makes top notch care possible for our residents, like Mohan. And he would love to have you as a sponsor parent!

Or even a one-time donation toward his care would help so much, too.  Both are easy to do using the buttons at the top of this page. We thank you so much for caring!


In Memory

On the way into work, I saw the perfect message. Love courageously.

I knew this would be my last morning with Mohan. The last morning with all of us. All good-byes are so hard, but this one especially.

We knew for a few weeks that this day was coming, so we made every moment count. Mohan enjoyed the wonderful summer weather we’d been having.

He took many tiger naps in the sun and in the shade, as the breeze blew through his whiskers. He shared quiet moments with his caretakers, and even a last dip in his specialized pool.

We tried so hard each day to hold back the tears and celebrate his life and all the joy he brought to us….and to you.

But his legs, knees and hips were all failing. Walking was becoming even more difficult, yet he was determined to do it to come say hello, chuff, and show us he knew he was loved.

And he was right. He was loved so very much. If love and support could have healed him, he would be running through the grass and still with us today.

Mohan is a miracle tiger not because he overcame, but because he endured.

Since we saved him three years ago, he struggled with walking. We did everything we could to help relieve his pain. From laser therapy, to oral medication, to daily mobility walks, we felt blessed to be able to make him comfortable.

His untreated injuries had led to calcified ligaments, bowed legs and debilitating arthritis. Before we rescued him, he was in terrible pain and had received no medication to help. Diagnostic imaging showed the damage could not be repaired.

The only thing we could do was keep him comfortable until he could no longer bear weight on his back legs.

Of all the hundreds of cats I’ve rescued over the years, Mohan is the first cat I was never able to see run, due to his injuries. It breaks my heart that simple pleasure was taken from him. Even Bengal cat Spartacus, with his spinal deformity, found his own special way of running. And so did our tigress Daisy.

On our last day, knowing that at 17 Mohan was leaving us simply because of past neglect, it just seemed so unfair. He was healthy in every other way. But Mohan didn’t think life was unfair. He found true joy in the smallest moments.

Despite all the physical discomfort caused by captivity, Mohan was very happy. And what made him special to so many was that Mohan also made everyone feel just as special as he was.

Mohan, today we lead you to the pride on the other side, where you can run and finally live forever free.

You have made an impact on each of us. We will continue to fight for tigers like you in your memory! You deserve your new wild life.

Enjoy, but visit us often. We look forward to hearing your chuffs in the breeze, and the wind moving the grass as your spirit runs free.