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Mystique – In Memory


Mystique, an F1 Bengal, was advertised ‘free to good home’ on Craig’s List. A concerned citizen contacted us worried that Mystique would go to someone who couldn’t properly care for a feral hybrid cat. We contacted the poster and she agreed that TWS would be the best place for Mystique.

Mystique had a rough beginning. She was underweight and already had severe ear damage when she was taken in by the woman caring for her.

Upon arrival at TWS, Mystique was diagnosed with mammary cancer. Surgery was performed to remove as much of the malignant tumors as possible. It has been a year since Mystique was diagnosed and she is currently pain free and doing very well. Lately, she has been coming out to greet the keepers in the mornings during cleaning making sure they brought her chicken.


In Memory ~ July 2011

After a long and courageous battle with mammary cancer and hypertension, it was finally time for us to say goodbye to Mystique, a beautiful F1 bengal.  Mystique was diagnosed with mammary cancer well over three years ago.

She was given six months to live, but Mystique had other plans.  As the years went by, we were constantly surprised at how strong and resilient she was.

Many times, after bringing her to see the vets, we thought this is it, but she just kept hanging in there and truly enjoyed life to the fullest.  Mystique was a favorite among staff and volunteers.

She had a sort of spunk to her, even through all of her health issues, that was truly inspiring.  If you could sum her up it would be the old adage when life hands you lemons, make lemonade and she certainly made a lot of lemonade.

So a toast to Mystique, thank you for reminding me to not sweat the small stuff and live life like you mean it.  Goodbye dear friend, you will be missed.