Otis – In Memory


Otis, a Eurasian Lynx, came to TWS at the age of four months from a Canadian fur farm, along with his sister Lindsey. Here at our sanctuary, Otis has been given a safe haven where he can remain wild at heart.

From the beginning, Otis bonded with fellow TWS resident, Jasper, a lynx-cross. The two roommates are virtually inseparable and can often be found lounging together in the grass.

As much as Otis loves his buddy, a new stuffed animal really gets him going. Luckily, Otis has left his old life behind and enjoys the little things in life like spending time with his best friend and playing the afternoon away.


In Memory ~ Spring 2007

It’s been a very difficult few weeks. We lost Otis, the Eurasian Lynx, to pancreatic cancer. It was so sudden and I am glad he didn’t have to suffer long, but it has been devastating for both Jasper and me.

Otis had been sick over the last few weeks. His first visit with the vet showed a low grade infection and some hints of pancreatitis. When he continued to deteriorate, we suspected a possible bowel obstruction.

Last week, we decided to do surgery and found that Otis had pancreatic cancer. We chose to let him pass since it is a terminal cancer and pretty advanced, given his signs of illness over the last few weeks.

My heart hurts and I will miss this special boy very much. I was so blessed to earn his trust over the last 8 years. His amazing bond to Jasper is also what I will remember. Otis was able to live every moment of his life exactly how he wanted – aside Jasper. And I am so very thankful for that.

Jasper is a little confused and grieving in his own way. I am trying to spend more time with him and give him more things to do. He’s been looking around for Otis, especially at meal time. I know he will miss his special friend.

Tammy, Founder