Princess Savannah – In Memory


Princess Savannah and a male serval were seized by the US Fish and Game Department in Arizona.

Princess Savannah and Denali were bonded when they arrived. That is, until Denali started portraying his tough boy attitude towards the other servals. Princess Savannah had enough so we introduced her to a mellower group that were also from Arizona.

She fits in quite well with her new group of friends.


In Memory ~ September 2012

I believe that every cat at the Sanctuary is special in their own unique way and so many have left paw prints on my heart. But there are those certain cats that no matter how down you are or how bad you think you have it, just by looking into their eyes your spirit is lifted.  This was Princess Savannah.

Her name was kind of silly but it definitely suited her well.  When we lose a resident as special as Savannah, it takes a toll on us and leaves us feeling sort of hollow.  But when we knew it was her time I couldn’t help but think of all the fun and funny moments we had together over the years.

Savannah was a one-of-a-kind, not only in looks, but personality as well.  Her absolute favorite thing to do was paint.  You could barely get the canvas down before she would be drooling, moaning and groaning and having a ball.

My favorite was during feeding time.  While all the others would come up and wait patiently for their food, Savannah would race out of nowhere, jump up and down and all around grumbling the whole time then grab the food and run off, such a goofball.

The other great thing about Savannah was her courage.  Her kidneys were in poor condition and while we helped her with all the supplements and medications we could think of, it just wasn’t enough and it was her time to go.

She was so accommodating to everything we did for her, going easily into a crate when she needed to be seen by the vets, moving into quarantine happily when she needed to be monitored more closely, accepting to live with other cats when she was feeling healthy and she was still just such a happy cat no matter what.

She just made life look so simple, get through the hard times and look forward to the fun things, like painting!

Princess Savannah you are so very very special to us all and I think every day I will miss you but I know where you are now there is no more pain, only endless days of fun.  Goodbye P.S.