Rascal – In Memory


The British Columbia SPCA Animal Protection Office contacted TWS regarding a Geoffroy’s Cat in need of placement. The Vancouver Police Department seized a capsizing boat with cats aboard. The cats included three Bengal hybrids and a male Geoffroy’s Cat.

The Bengals were socialized and able to be adopted. The Geoffroy’s needed to be placed into a sanctuary and TWS was happy to accept Rascal into our program.

Rascal is a feisty little guy and will do pretty much anything to get chicken. He loves the carpeted scratch post with perches that was donated and can often be found happily sleeping in the circular compartment.


In Memory ~ June 2011

We have very suddenly lost our little Geoffroy’s cat, Rascal.  Aptly named, Rascal touched each of our hearts with his wild personality and crazy antics during feeding time.

In the sea of boisterous Bengal cats, Rascal stood out not with his voice but with his curious nature and the ability to make everyone who saw him absolutely melt.  For such a little guy, he had the appetite of a lion and would make it known that it was time to eat.

We have had many ups and downs with Rascal over the last three years with his health.  When he first arrived he was diagnosed with heartworm and had to be given a steroid to help his breathing.

Earlier this week, Rascal refused to eat and was vomiting and given his usual voracious hunger we knew something was wrong.  After tests at the vet showed kidney failure, it was decided to help Rascal pass with as much peace and dignity that we could provide him.

Given his previous diagnosis of heartworm, kidney failure came as a shock.  It all happened so fast and still doesn’t feel real and cleaning his enclosure tomorrow will surely not be the same.

Rascal, thank you for sharing these past few years with us you will be missed every day.  Wherever you are now, may your plate always be full and your curiosity be satisfied.