Shay – In Memory


When Sydney and Shay, a Canada lynx, arrived at TWS, the signs of past abuse were very apparent. Both had crooked mouths due to their jaws being broken as a result of blunt force. Shay was extremely timid of humans and would shake and defecate if we got too close. They counted on each other for support.

They both have healed emotionally and physically, though Shay still prefers animal companionship over human. She is also losing her sight, but still does wonderfully getting around her enclosure. She now lives with George in a large habitat with indoor access.


In Memory ~ December 2012

Sometimes, it’s hard to say goodbye.  But, when you know in your heart that it’s the right time, it can make letting go a little easier.  It was time to let our lynx Shay go.

Shay_canada_Lynx_Syd_Eurasian_lynx_wildcat_sanctuaryShay was a very reclusive cat but, given her experience with people, it wasn’t surprising.  She was severely traumatized and abused by her first owner.

Thankfully, Shay had Sydney, a Eurasian lynx she came with, to lean on.  However, Sydney passed a few years ago and Shay never really found another she could be close with.

Shay was blind and mostly deaf.  While we gave her every creature comfort we could, a warm building to sleep in, nutritious food to eat, and all the enrichment she could have, we could never give her the companionship she had with Sydney.

As the years went by, Shay became even more introverted than before, not enjoying enrichment as much. Given her eyesight was gone, she wasn’t venturing too much into her habitat.

Life in captivity can be very hard for an animal. But with lots of space and fun enrichment, it can still be enjoyable.  For Shay, life just wasn’t enjoyable anymore and her health was slowly deteriorating.

We made the difficult decision to let her go so she could once again be with Sydney and Shay_canada_Lynx_Syd_Eurasian_lynx_wildcat_sanctuarybe free of the terrible memories she held inside.

We believe we can make a difference here, giving animals who’ve experienced abuse, neglect and heartache a chance to be wild at heart. I believe we did that for Shay.

Goodbye dear Shay, I hope your new free life brings you nothing but joy and happiness.