Sidney – In Memory


Sidney_3Sidney, a bobcat,was found living in a warehouse in downtown Minneapolis during an unrelated police raid. Prior to her release to TWS, Sidney spent ten noisy days confined to a kennel at animal control alongside several barking dogs.

At TWS, Sidney is given a much more peaceful environment surrounded by trees, grass, and several perches and dens; a much more appropriate atmosphere for a bobcat. Sidney has had a home here at the Sanctuary since 2001.

Sidney is a beautiful bobcat who has won the hearts of all the TWS staff and volunteers. For quite a while after coming to TWS, Sidney had enjoyed living in her own private space. Although Sidney was perfectly happy living on her own, we thought she could be even happier living with other bobcats.sidney_pcml 7 jan12_97LR

In the spring of 2004, we created an opening in the shared wall between Sidney’s habitat and her bobcat neighbors. Along with giving Sidney new friends to live with, it also increased the habitat size for all of the bobcats involved.

With this new bigger living arrangement, Sidney now has the best of both worlds; she can socialize with other bobcats or she can go to another area or den for some alone time when she’s had enough of her roommates.

Sidney enjoys enrichment as much as the next girl does. A simple box filled with catnip can capture her attention for hours. Sidney also enjoys spending a hot summer day by the pool.



In Memory – July 2014

I can remember the first time I met her.  I was called to Animal Control to pick up a bobcat who had been a former pet.  I walked down the concrete hallway, kennels on both sides.  Barking dogs jumped at the fence as we continued down the tight path.

Dog after dog lunged at the fence and then we came upon a kennel with a sheet draped over it.  I peered in and there she was.  This gorgeous girl walked toward me, let out a small noise and began to purr.  Amongst all the barking and strange surroundings, she calmly walked into her crate.  Her first step to life at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

This beautiful, calm and happy demeanor continued every day during her life here with us.  Sidney lived to be 19 years old.  Though we had so many years together, it still seems too short.

She was happy every day, no matter the circumstances.  She enjoyed catnip, painting, attention from her caregivers and napping with her bobcat friend Scooter.  She would always come to say hello and purr the second she saw you.  Her happiness was contagious.

Since 2012, we were monitoring Sidney’s blood levels, which were suspect of cancer and hyperparathyroidisSidney_paintm.  She had chronic arthritis, but still loved to jump and run.  She continued to slow down the past few months, like all geriatric animals.  Every day was precious and every day we made sure was peaceful.

The last few days, we moved her to an indoor kennel in the hospital.  Just like the day I met her, these surroundings did not bother her.  She purred when I entered, slept soundly in her cat bed and was calm and happy, but that’s the way she deserved to leave.  Pain free and content.  Her kidneys were shutting down, so we had to do what was right and say good-bye.

Even though her first and last days werSide in a kennel, because of YOUR generosity, every day in between consisted of tall grass, toys, sun, enrichment and companionship of her own kind.

Sidney was a joy to care for and will be forever missed.  Her sweet personality and sure bliss to see us is in our hearts forever.

Thank you for giving us the gift to care for her for so long.