Katniss, a Bengal, was found as a stray in Hawaii. Bengals are illegal to own in Hawaii so the rescue group had to find a permanent home on the mainland to save her from being euthanized.

Katniss is a special girl.  She is socialized to humans and loves attention, but she is aggressive toward other cats and cannot live amongst them.

We were told she is also FIV positive, has scarring on both eyes and has some digestion issues.  She has very little appetite and needs an appetite stimulant. She also vomits and can be inconsistent with the litter box.

Despite these issues, Katniss is a very happy girl and deserved a second change here at the Sanctuary.  We are thankful for all involved to help her make the long journey – she went through 4 cities along with her human companion before making the 1.5 hour drive to the Sanctuary here in Minnesota.

We will perform a vet exam to see if we can settle her stomach issues.  And she is already being showered with love from her caregivers.

Welcome home Katniss!