Bengal cat Dahlia arrived at The Wildcat Sanctuary in June of 2021. She was 5 years old at the time.

We said “yes” to this very unique rescue situation, one we normally would not have.

Four Bengal cats had been purchased, totaling several thousands of dollars, by someone who’d planned on breeding them.

Due to that person’s health issues, the cats ended up with a family member who took care of them for the past year.

The three females had been living together inside the house – Besty, Dahlia, and Xena.

But since they were all intact, the male, Riku, lived in a room by himself.

Life at the Sanctuary

Since this was a challenging situation for these cats, we agreed to have all four surrendered to our sanctuary so they could get the veterinary care they needed.

Dahlia stands out with her golden coat, compared to the others of the group. She’s the shyest and consequently the most observant of the foursome.

She’ll hang back and watch from afar, being calculated and selective about what she joins in on. But she does hold her own.

Can you imagine how amazing it must be for a cat who’s spent her whole life indoors to have a habitat filled with so much to explore and do?

She definitely takes advantage of every perch, platform, and hiding place. And she loves the enrichment items our caretakers put in her habitat, too. It’s a whole new world for her!

How You Can Help

Hybrids usually come to us with special needs, genetic and/or medical issues due to their breeding.

Our sponsorship program helps support the cats’ care costs and allows you to form a special bond with them.

Would you consider becoming Dahlia’s sponsor parent? It’s only $150/year or $12.50/month.

Or even a one time donation toward her care would be so appreciated. It’s easy to do using the buttons at the top of this page.

Thank you for caring about the little wild ones, too!