Axel is a male, F1 Bengal (Asian Leopard Cat/Domestic Cat hybrid) who arrived at our sanctuary in December 2021. He was eight years old at the time.

It was a very long, cross-country trip to get Axel here. Yes, his family loved him very much. But after life circumstances changed and Axel’s continual soiling, they asked if he could have a forever home at the sanctuary.

Eight years ago, they’d adopted Axel and his brother as kittens when they’d seen them online on

Sadly, Axel’s brother later passed away from Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).

During the Midwest’s first winter weather advisory, Axel made the long trip from New York to Minnesota.

One of our selfless volunteers drove halfway to meet the family in Indiana.

It was a tearful transfer, but the family knows Axel will be well cared for and loved by all of us, and all of you!

Axel has never been a cuddle cat. He likes his independence, rarely even allowing his family to pet him unless he was busy eating or playing.

Life at the Sanctuary

While getting to know Axel, we gave him the quiet space he deserved so he’d know he’s safe. This relocation was a big change for Axel. We know from the past, adjustment can take some time. His life has been suddenly turned upside down.

We thought he might enjoy living with fellow shy bengal Rachel. So we slowly introduced the two of them to each other in her bungalow. She took right to Axel and we even caught them in a cuddle puddle!!

Well, maybe not one Axel might have chosen, but Rachel was pretty darned insistent that she get to share the top level of the cat tree closest to their heater, too.

In the months to come, we rescued another very shy bengal named DJ. Would he fit in well with these two?

Though they tend to scatter when caretakers enter their bungalow, we saw on the “Nanny Cam” we set up that, not too long after we merged DJ, they were all sharing beds together, too! (that’s Axel in the middle)

We’re confident that spring is going to be full of new experiences for these three as they get to explore their habitat together and stretch their wild side…..on their own terms, just like they deserved!

How You Can Help

It would be so wonderful for Axel to have a sponsor parent. What a special way to welcome him to his forever home.

If you’d like to be his sponsor parent for $150 annually or $12.50 monthly, it’s easy to do using the buttons at the top of this page. Or, a one time donation toward his care would also be very helpful.

Thank you for caring about Axel’s future, too.