In July of 2023, we received a message from a Fargo, North Dakota shelter asking if we could help a feral F1 Bengal who had come into their care. He had been caught in a feral cat trap. They said they had no other placement resources for this half wild, feral cat.

You can read more about what an F1 Bengal cat is HERE.

The only information the shelter had was that he was a 1.5-year-old, neutered male, who had already been rehomed at least twice. Horribly, his last owners abandoned him outside and moved out of state.

This poor boy was understandably extremely frightened and upset. As full as our hybrid program was, we work hard to make room for the F1’s who deserve the chance to live wild at heart.

These stories are becoming all too common. In the 36 hours before his arrival, we also received requests about 3 different Bengal Cats and 2 Savannah cats.  We do our best to try and find other sanctuaries and rescues, but the problem is just growing.  That’s why education is key in helping to decrease individuals from purchasing hybrid cats.

Life at the Sanctuary

Our staff drove to Fargo, North Dakota to bring him back to the sanctuary. He was a very good passenger on the way back, resting most of the way. You can watch a summary video of his rescue HERE.

We thought the name Fargo would fit him, since that’s where he was found.

Fargo weighed just a bit over 6 pounds. He was very thin, so it’s obvious he was having a tough time out on his own. Though he’s definitely an unsocialized cat, he was eagerly accepting food and treats from our caretakers very soon after his arrival.

But we’re guessing, once he’s put on some weight and gets a clean bill of health, he’ll probably be like our other F1 Bengals; i.e. rather reclusive and not all that fond of humans, but interested in others of his own kind.

After Fargo has his intake exam and is through with his quarantine period, we’ll assess how to integrate him into the Hybrid Haven section of the sanctuary so he can live safely and happily wild at heart.

How You Can Help

Our sponsorship program is what makes top notch care possible for our residents, like Fargo. Would you consider becoming his sponsor parent?  Or even a one-time donation toward his care would help so much, too.

You’ll find buttons at the top of this page if you’d like to help Fargo in a very special way.  Thank you!


I’m so happy to share with you that Fargo has new friends!! He’s had several playdates with the cats of Bungalow 6 – Felix, Keesa, Bonzai, and Dream.

Everything was going well so then they had a supervised overnight together, and it went well, too. I thought you’d enjoy reading some of the caretaker’s notes as this was going on.

First day:

  • Given access to new space and willing to leave kennel to eat Churu. 
  • Appears nervous in new space but staying present and not shutting down. 

Second day:

  • Got outdoor access. Was timid about it. Calmed and sat in dogloo during cleaning. 
  • Felix did come over and no negative interactions seen. Fargo did not engage him. 

A week later:

  • Fargo was given access to the indoor bungalow with Dream and Keesa. 
  • Fargo was willing to leave safety of lockout to slowly explore indoor space. 
  • Three cats remained together overnight and checked on in the middle of night.
  • Did well overnight. At 1:00 a.m. they were all in their own spots and Fargo was up moving around.

Next day:

  • Given access to outdoor yard with all cats in Bungalow.
  • Fargo almost immediately left indoor space to explore outdoor yard, and with confidence!
  • Shared common spaces with Bonzai and Felix and was very respectful while greeting with no barriers.
  • Confidence grew throughout afternoon and was noted playing with Bonzai and attempting to play with Felix.
  • All five cats remain together, checked on overnight.
  • All seemingly doing well overnight. Everyone was in their respective sleepy time areas every time they were checked on last night and this morning.

And now, they’re officially merged and Fargo’s doing great!

Your support has helped this little guy go from being abandoned by his owner, a “feral” cat with no placement possible, to the happy cat he is in this short amount of time.

Given the chance to live wild at heart can mean so much for a cat like Fargo. And he now has friends to live out his days with, too!