Little Daisy


Little Daisy is an 8-year-old, female Bengal cat who arrived at the sanctuary in October of 2019.

We received a call from a woman who’d taken in bengal siblings from a single mother in crisis. The woman needed a safe home for her bengals right away.  She truly cared about them, placing them with this person who had experience with bengal cats.

Though Little Daisy and her brother were integrated slowly into this new home, Daisy struggled.  She began attacking the other pets in the house, causing serious injury.

And now, they’d begun ganging up on her. The situation was becoming more and more dangerous.

This person felt Little Daisy wouldn’t do well in a shelter situation, that would just make her issues worse. So, she chose not to place Daisy with a shelter. Instead, she reached out to The Wildcat Sanctuary for help.

Life at the Sanctuary

Thankfully, Little Daisy has her claws and had already been spayed. She loves people and had good litter box habits in the past, until she started struggling.

For now, she’ll live with our onsite caretakers, since there are no other cats living with them currently.

She’s already been through so much change in her life, we’ll make sure she feels loved and secure here.

After only a couple of days, she’s already playing, engaging and is as sweet as ever!

How You Can Help

Would you like to help Little Daisy by becoming her sponsor parent? We rely so much on our sponsorship program in order to provide a lifetime of care for the cats. The day they arrive is just day one of a long lifetime of expenses.

You can sponsor her or make a one time donation for her at the top of this page.  Thank you from Daisy and all of us at the sanctuary!