Lupita arrived at the sanctuary in November of 2020. She’s a 10-year-old F2 Savannah cat.

What did it take to save Savannah Lupita?

It took a team of generous TWS supporters working together to bring her home. And this trip was all first class!

We were contacted by her owner who share that, from nine weeks old, her cat would urinate on the bed and the couch. Now, living in a 55 and older community, the owner couldn’t tolerate the behavior any longer.

Years of vet visits and working with the breeder to try and curb the behavior had no effect. She didn’t know where else to turn.  She wrote, “I now know that it is a mistake to get these cats. They are wild. But my cat, Lupita, is being punished for something she didn’t create…she is being herself. Can you help?”

A trip back out to the east coast again would be costly and time consuming.  It would be a 20-hour trip each way. We’d just made two cross country trips to bring Love, Sarge and Glenn to the sanctuary.

That’s when Animal Angels stepped in and a plan was put in place.

Lupita would make the first leg of her trip in a private plane, compliments of supporters Jeb & Laurel.  They’ve used their plane multiple times to save animals’ lives, and they generously offered to do it again.

Coordination was key. Weather changed the plans several times, but our volunteers never wavered.  Jeb had to fly from Virginia Beach to Charlottesville, VA and then to South Bend, Indiana. All donating his time and plane.

Then, our volunteer Lauri agreed to drive from Minnesota to South Bend to meet Jeb and drive Lupita back to The Wildcat Sanctuary.

This rescue would not have been possible without them!  The TWS team of supporters is second to none!  We’re so thankful for their donation of time, resources and their dedication.

Life at the Sanctuary

Lupita is finally at her forever home! After she settles in, we hope to introduce her to Savannahs Love and the Friends – Phoebe, Monica, and Rachel!  We’re excited to see her finally able to stretch her wild side and live life to the fullest.

How You Can Help

It would be so wonderful for Lupita to have a sponsor parent. What a special way to welcome her to her forever home.

If you’d like to be her sponsor parent for $150 annually or $12.50 monthly, it’s easy to do using the buttons at the top of this page. Or, a one time donation toward her care would also be very helpful.

Thank you for caring about Lupita’s future, too.