Mr. Oreoh


Mr. Oreoh arrived at the sanctuary in August of 2021. He was 13 years old at the time.

Ever since our only domestic cat Remoh passed away, our office had been a little quiet. We thought about adding another cat to the office, but our office Bengal cat ShyBear is hard to please. It takes a special cat for her to accept them in her space.

If ShyBear placed an online ad, it would say:

When we saw Northwood Humane Society’s post about a 13-year-old male cat who got along great with other foster cats, we thought this might be a perfect match for our office cats.

“Meet Oreo.
-This 13 year old sweetheart came in with a bad eye that needed to be removed so during his recovery, he got to go spend time in a loving foster home.-”

Life at the Sanctuary

We thought it was worth a try to give Benny and ShyBear another companion while, at the same time, providing a forever home to another older cat in need.

And, of course, we had to bedazzle Oreo’s name to Mr. Oreoh (so he has the Remoh and Homer namesake in the letters of his name, too).

Mr. Oreoh settled in as if he’d been here forever, though he didn’t really get ShyBear’s seal of approval. He took over the office desks just like the rest of them!

His black fur makes it look like he’s wearing a black leather jacket. He’s very specific in his wants, but it’s sometimes difficult to understand just what he wants. For example, he’ll climb up on your lap, snuggle up to your shoulder and you might think that means he wants to be pet. But instead, he’ll nip you if you try!

He loves his outdoor catio and it’s always fun to be greeted by Mr. Oreoh and his buddies Benny and Cinders when we arrive in the morning. He’s got his favorite blanket that he’ll knead and gnaw on.

Mr. Oreoh is very food motivated, loves treats and, if we’re not watching, will even eat the dog’s food. He’s not picky at all when it comes to food.

How awesome to see this geriatric cat fit in so well, a domestic cat living in a wild cat world here at the sanctuary.

How You Can Help

Caring for a cat for life – even a small domestic cat like Mr. Oreoh – can be expensive. Our sponsorship program helps support the cats’ care costs and allows you to form a special bond with them.

Would you consider becoming Mr. Oreoh’s sponsor parent? It’s only $150/year or $12.50/monthly.

Or even a one time donation toward his care would be so appreciated. It’s easy to do using the buttons at the top of this page.

Thank you for caring about the little wild ones, too!