Topper, a 2-year-old male Bengal Cat, arrived at the sanctuary in July 2022.

He’d been found as a stray and  brought to an out-of-state humane society. Not much is known about him except that he’s front paw declawed, neutered and was being treated for an upper respiratory infection.

An employee at the shelter reached out to ask if we might be able to accept Topper into our hybrid program. Even though it was a holiday weekend, rescue work knows no holidays.

Over the 4th of July, one of our transport volunteers met the shelter staff member halfway and drove Topper back to his forever home here at The Wildcat Sanctuary.

Life at the Sanctuary

Topper is currently in quarantine but settling in quickly.  He’s friendly to people and has been eating and drinking well, all good positive signs.  We’ll evaluate his behavior and litter habits before we determine where and who he might live with at the sanctuary.

So few sanctuaries offer homes for hybrid cats like Topper. We’re thankful our supporters value their lives as much as the big cats’ lives. We’re sure Topper will thrive living wild at heart here with others of his own kind.

How You Can Help

As a young bengal, Topper will have a long lifetime of care expenses. That’s why our sponsorship program is so important.

If you’d like to help by becoming Topper’s sponsor parent, that would be fabulous!

It costs $150 annually or $12.50 monthly and we’ll be happy to send you photos and updates throughout the year whenever you reach out.

Please click the button at the top of this page or SPONSOR HERE if you’re interested – thank you!