Sydney – In Memory


When Sydney, a Eurasian Lynx, and Shay arrived at TWS, the signs of past abuse from their first owner were very apparent . Both had crooked mouths due to their jaws being broken as a result of blunt force.

Shay was extremely timid of humans and would shake and defecate if we got too close. They counted on each other for support.

They both have healed emotionally and physically, finally enjoying a wild at heart life they always deserved.


In Memory ~ July 2011

We’re still in shock at the sudden loss of Sydney, our Eurasian Lynx.  Sydney was 16 years old and had a difficult start to life.  Arriving at TWS in 2005, he had recovered from a broken jaw, several wounds on his face and trauma to his back from past abuse.  But Sydney was able to forgive and really enjoyed life.

Sydney loved his roommate Lindsey, and his neighbor Shay.  He loved meal times and most of all he loved enrichment.  He would roll around in boxes, scratch perches and shred phone books. He lived in the moment and left his past behind.

He was his usual happy self and ate on his last evening. The next morning he was alert and relaxing in the shade.  In the afternoon, Sydney had passed away under a tree.

His most recent exam showed no significant health issues for a cat of 16. Findings after his death are inconclusive.  We will never have all the answers, just a hole in our hearts.  But we do find peace that Sydney lived life to the fullest until the moment he left.

A sudden loss like this leaves us in shock with little time to mourn.  I think Sydney would have wanted it that way. Live for the happiness you find in today and let go of the sorrow of the past is the legacy he leaves.  So we celebrate Sydney’s life.  He will continue to be celebrated each day at the Sanctuary as we care for so many other cats in need.

Enjoy your new wild life Sydney and know you are loved.