The Wildcat Sanctuary recently participated in what’s being called “the largest rescue of big cats in U.S. history.”  With over 110 big cats in need of homes, the numbers could feel overwhelming.  We’re forever grateful for the organizations that initiated these placements. With the outpouring of support from YOU and so many credible sanctuaries, the animals are now moving to their forever homes.

Unfortunately, multi-animal placements are becoming very common. We rarely hear aboutdsc_0286zeke_lr 1-2 tigers that need a home anymore.  It’s often dozens, or in this case over a hundred, that need to be re-homed to reputable sanctuaries. Without the help of the entire sanctuary community, this undertaking wouldn’t be possible.

Sometimes, when a large number of animals in need hits the headlines, the individual stories of each cat gets lost. But their stories, and who they are, is just as important to share.

Zeke is one of three tiger brothers The Wildcat Sanctuary has taken in during this large national placement of animals.   From what we understand, these 5-year-old brothers havedsc_0346_lr grown up together, so they were excited to step out into a large habitat where they’ll live together with perches, platforms to lounge on, new toys, trees, tall grass, boulders, logs to climb and a large pool to splash in.

Since the moment Zeke arrived, he’s loving toy time and likes to be the last to play with something so he can leave his smell on it.  We find him rolling in the grass on his back, enjoying it so much. The cage at the facility he came from had no grass, so this must be a great new experience for him.

Taking in tigers to care for is very expensive and we know Zeke would LOVE to have you as his sponsor parent! If you’d like to find out more about how to sponsor any of our cats, please visit our sponsorship page HERE.



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