Shazam the black leoaprd from the Catskill Game Farm

Shazam, a black leopard, and six other cats were part of a big cat rescue from the Catskill Game Farm in New York. With the closure of the animal park, the Game Farm auctioned off 950 animals and made east coast and national headlines.

Animal welfare activists worried that some of the animals would wind up in the hands of unscrupulous dealers or go to people who run ‘canned shoot’ operations, where hunters pay to shoot fenced-in animals.

Wildlife Watch intervened and negotiated the placement of animals in sanctuaries while others purchased animals to ensure their safety. It is described as one of the largest animal rescues of its type.


Shazam was born in 2002.  When he arrived at the Sanctuary in 2006, he struggled to trust his new caregivers.  Given his previous living circumstances, we knew it would take time for him to come around.

After receiving positive reinforcement from his keepers, Shazam now has nothing but confidence and trots happily through his habitat searching for any new toys or enrichment.  He has also developed a very special kinship with his jaguar neighbor, Diablo Guapo.  Patience and compassion from his caregivers and the willingness to forgive past atrocities have given Shazam a new lease on life and we are glad to share it with him.

You can help care for Shazam by sponsoring him today, your help will be greatly appreciated.

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Shazam the  black leopard


Shazam the black leopard on his perch