Kimba and his mate Sofia were born in South Africa in 2005 and then imported to the Buenos Aires Zoo in Argentina in 2008. Years later, they had a son named Gino.

Now that the Buenos Aires Zoo has shifted its focus from being a government-funded zoo to a compassionate eco-park, that meant many of their animals would be relocated.

We’ve been working with them for almost two years on this possible relocation. Zoo staff flew to the United States to look at many possible sanctuaries for their lions. After visiting The Wildcat Sanctuary, they decided it would be the best place for their lions to live out their lives, wild at heart.

Arranging transport for Kimba and four other lions was a monumental undertaking. It’s never easy coordinating international rescues. There are so many authorities, agencies, and entities involved, all speaking a different language.

Kimba and the others made the 6,000 mile journey and arrived safely.

The sight of his mane blowing in the breeze as he ran into his new habitat is a sight we’ll never forget. Once Sofia joined him, the two can be found lying next to each other, soaking up the sights of the trees, tall grass, and natural amenities all around them.

What an epic journey for this lion family!

It would be such a huge help to have you as Kimba’s sponsor parent. The day of rescue is only day one of a lifetime of care expenses. Find out how to Sponsor-A-Wild-One HERE.