Diego – F3 Savannah


Diego is an F3 Savannah who has had several homes in his short life. A family adopted him from a Savannah rescue group that he had been surrendered to. Common with many hybrid cats, Diego only bonded with one individual and was extremely shy and scared of everyone else. After 2 years of living peacefully with the other family house cats, he began to urinate on the couch.  His owners felt it was best to place Diego in a sanctuary where he could be with other cats of his own kind.  Diego was born in 2007 and came to the sanctuary in 2010 where he will live out his life.

Diego is definitely still a shy cat who prefers to watch his caretakers from afar.  He lives in a bungalow with several other hybrids where he has the option of staying indoors or going outside where he can bask in the sun on perches, hammocks and boulders.  He can even play with water in the in-ground pool if he chooses to.

You can help provide daily care for Diego by sponsoring him today.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Diego an F3 Savannah