Heinekin – in memory

Heineken the marbled bengalIn Memory
September 15, 2009

Heineken, a handsome Bengal, has passed away. Heineken originated from a bad breeding situation before he was brought to a rescue group in New Mexico. He was a very shy guy, had a prolapsed colon and was heart worm positive and therefore was not able to be adopted out. We were fortunate enough to take in Heineken and given him a home more suitable for his personality and health issues. Although he was shy, he still loved to play with the feather toy and wait for us by his enclosure door telling us to hurry up with the treats. Heineken had some health problems from the beginning but it was, unfortunately, taking a turn for the worse. We took him to the vet and found that he had intestinal cancer. We know he is in a better place now but we will still miss his beautiful green eyes and that unmistakable voice.

Heineken’s story

Heineken is a domestic marbled Bengal. He was sent to a shelter after a horrible breeder was shut down. Due to Heineken’s timid nature and health problems, he wasn’t adoptable to a regular home. Due to chronic diarrhea that was not treated, Heineken prolapsed several times where his colon would fall outside his body. Thankfully, TWS has great veterinary support and through the work of Dr. Baillie and staff Heineken has been able to thrive with no relapse.